Ceramic Coating Headers, Brake Calipers and More

Ceramic coating is the higher temperature counterpart to powder coating. Both protect your parts against corrosion, both come in many colors, textures and levels of polish, and both are better than raw metal. But ceramic coating is specifically designed for metals that will withstand temperatures of over 300 degrees for an extended period of time.

Ceramic coatings can be applied to aluminum, cast iron, chrome, carbon steel, and stainless steel. The coating offers a consistent finish, free of tarnishing and discoloration.

The primary benefit of ceramic coating over powder coating or liquid paint is that it lowers the surface temperature on items of high-heat, like exhaust headers and high performance after market parts. The reduction of high heat means that there is a significant reduction of thermal cycling. Thermo cycling is the expansion and contraction of metal when it heats and cools. Overtime, thermal cycling will cause metals to become brittle, which results in cracking and ultimately complete failure. Additionally, ceramic coating protects against the effects of thermo-tumbling. Thermo-tumbling occurs most frequently at the bends of pipe where the metal is bare or the paint is thin, leaving spaces of uneven surface covering that results in heat leaks. The benefit of having lower temperatures mean that your engine will be able to burn more fuel, more efficiently, which helps in the production of horsepower.

Along with its thermo advantages, ceramic coating protects against oxidants, de-icing chemicals, salts and various forms of contaminants that cause corrosion. All while looking great for years to come.

Unlike powder coating, which can withstand temperatures up to 1022° F for short periods of time, ceramic coating is formulated to withstand temperatures of 3,800° F (2,000° C).

What Can Be Ceramic Coated?

Most metal parts can be ceramic coated. The only requirement is that the part needs to be able to withstand 750 degrees for 3-5 hours. The most common parts to ceramic coat are: headers, exhaust pipes, oil pans, housings, down pipes, turbos, and brake calipers.

Exhaust Ceramic Coating

You purchased the best exhaust system, now you have to protect it. Exhaust ceramic coatings are specially designed to protect your system against corrosive exhaust gas (EGTs) which lead to heat leaks, exhaust flow issues, and unsightly tarnish. Unlike powder coating, which can withstand temperatures up to 1022° F for short periods of time, ceramic coating is formulated to withstand temperatures of 3,800° F (2,000 Celsius). This means that your ceramic coated exhaust system will help increase exhaust flow, keeping the engine at a lower running temperature. For maximum benefits, we recommend coating from the manifold to the muffler.

Ceramic Coating Headers

No matter if your headers are new out of the box, or used and full of carbon, we are able to apply a high temperature ceramic coating to your headers. The coating will help your engine maintain a cooler temperature while giving your engine bay a nice clean look. Unlike traditional paints, high temperature ceramic coating is made resistant to blueing, cracking and peeling. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colors and finishes so you do not have to settle.

Ceramic Coating Engine Parts

When it comes to the internals of your engine, lubrication is always a factor. Ceramic coating parts like the pistons, bearings, and crank shafts can play a huge role in your motor’s shed oil. Depending on your engine’s intended use, we can recommend different coatings.

Benefits of Ceramic Coated Parts

  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Wear Resistance
  • Improved Durability
  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistance
  • Longevity

Ceramic Coating Near Me

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