Ceramic Coating Headers

Ceramic coating headers is more than aesthetics. Exhaust ceramic coatings are specially designed to protect your system against corrosive exhaust gas (EGTs) which lead to heat leaks, exhaust flow issues, and unsightly tarnish. Unlike powder coating, which can withstand temperatures up to 1022° F for short periods of time, ceramic coating is formulated to withstand temperatures of 3,800° F (2,000 Celsius). This means that your ceramic coated exhaust system will help increase exhaust flow, keeping the engine at a lower running temperature. For maximum benefits, we recommend coating from the manifold to the muffler. 

No matter if your headers are new out of the box, or used and full of carbon, we are able to apply a high temperature ceramic coating to your headers. The coating will help your engine maintain a cooler temperature while giving your engine bay a nice clean look. Unlike traditional paints, high temperature ceramic coating is made resistant to blueing, cracking and peeling. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colors and finishes so you do not have to settle. 

ceramic coated headers

Ceramic Coating Headers: Are they worth the Cost?

Ceramic coated headers will not increase your horsepower output any more than a Thrush sticker. The real benefit will be seen in the difference of heat transfer. Hot Rod Magazine’s Header Dyno Test – Pipes for Power put two identical headers to the test; one set was ceramic coated while the other was uncoated and painted black. Their results showed “The coated headers measured 258 degrees F dropping to 195 degrees F a minute after shutdown. In contrast, the uncoated header measured a scalding 870 degrees, retaining 520 degrees a minute after shutdown. We didn’t need a heat gun to tell the difference in the test cell.” They concluded that the reduced temperatures helped keep the air the engine compartment cooler which resulted in the engine breathing cooler air, less transfer of heat to the surrounding engine components and a lower cabin temperature.