Over 10,000 Colors, Textures and Finishes

With over 10,000 powder coating colors, textures, metallics, fluorescents and glosses available, you will never have to settle for a finish that isn’t right. Whether you want something bold and bright, textured, or simple, we can make your vision a reality.

How to Pick Out the Perfect Powder Coating Paint Color for Your Project

With an almost overwhelming amount of powder coating paints to choose from, picking the right color for your project may seem like a daunting task. We are here to help.

Start the process by finding a few reference images for inspiration. These images may be of a similar object, like a race car, or something a bit more abstract, like a picture of a football helmet or a painting. The starting point should always be with a color that you love. Once that color is chosen, pick a color scheme around it. If you are adding accents to your car or motorcycle like powder coated rims or powder coated brake calipers, start with a picture of that vehicle. Include in the color palette all of the variables that will not be changing, like body color and interior colors. Use that image as reference to help establish the rest of the color palette. We have found that websites like https://coolors.co/ can help expand the scope of possibility. On Coolors.co you can upload an image and lock in colors that are not variable. With the click of the space bar, the site will suggest endless color combinations that can be made. In addition, the site allows the user to minimize the color pallet down to one color or expand it to a rainbow of colors.

RAL Color Matching System

RAL Color Matching

RAL is the color matching system preferred by architects, designers, and the automotive industry to describe paints, varnishes and powder coating colors. This system is similar to the Pantone system used by printers, the RGB system used by web developers, or the CYMK system used in your home or office printer. No matter which system you are familiar with or use to pick out your color pallet, we are able to convert that color into the corresponding powder coating color. https://rgb.to/ is a website you can use to see this conversion.

The Finish

With a base color established, start to think about type of finish you would like your project to have. Do you want it to be glossy, semi-gloss, flat, pearlescent, opalescent, iridescent, or textured?

From the reference images, we will guide you to the color, hue, texture, and finish that you have in mind. Together we will ensure that your vision comes to life with the perfect powder coating finish.  

Prismatic Powders

When it comes to powders, you get what you pay for. We proudly use Prismatic Powders for all of our powder coating needs. They offer over 6,500 powder coating colors and textures as well as next day delivery. Who could ask for more!