Powder Coated Rims

The value of powder coating rims goes way beyond aesthetics. Powder coating adds a durable finish that is resilient enough to shield your wheels against the wear and tear of the road. Unlike paints, powder coating protects against salt, brake dust, and grime. This protection comes from the baked-on finish that adheres to the metal through an electrostatic charge, which ensures that the even the most intricate rim is fully covered.   

The Science Behind Powder Coating Rims

Unlike paint which sits on top of the surface, the science behind powder coating rims start when the electrostatic charged powder is attracted to grounded parts. When heated, the coating chemically reacts, creating a long molecular chain that is resistant to breaking down. This molecular chain is resilient to moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and other forms of fading and wear while still looking great. 

When it comes to cost, it is far cheaper to refinish a rim than it is to replace it with a new one. If your fleet of vehicles is starting to look a bit tired, consider having the rims refinished.  

The Difference Between Painting and Powder Coating Rims

The big difference between painting and powder coating rims is durability. Paint is a short term solution that is prone to chipping and corrosion. Powder coating on the other hand will stand up to the elements and look good for years to come. 

Wheel Powder Coating Near Me

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