Textures can add style and dimension to your project while protecting your surface against weather and chemical corrosion. Whether you want us to finish a tactile surface like a gripped handrail or simply want visual variation on your powder coated rim, the coating options are vast. River (dimpled), veined, and wrinkled are the most common textured finishes. Many are available in varying levels of shine ranging from matte to high gloss.

Reasons to Add Texture

Textures can add a unique look to your parts. Besides being used as an aesthetic element, textures are great for items that will endure great wear and tear since textured parts are more forgiving of fingerprints. Additional benefits include:

  • Create visual variation a color theme
  • Help conceal imperfections in the metal
  • Grip to tactile elements and Anti-slip surfaces
  • Durability




Powder Coating in Michigan

Rad Coatings has been powder coating in Michigan since 2003. We are located in Milan, Michigan, roughly 45 minutes west of Detroit, Michigan, 30 minutes south of Ann Arbor, Michigan, 45 minutes North of Toledo, Ohio and two hours from Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you are outside of the area, Metro Detroit area, that is not a problem we ship and receive parts every day.

We specialize in: automotive powder coating, powder coating wheels, powder coating steel, powder coating aluminum, powder coating architectural elements, ceramic coating headers and exhausts and general metal finishing.

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